Area of Use

Microcement in bathroom

With microcement, we create an exclusive and unique bathroom to your taste. You get a uniform, waterproof surface that is easy to clean, making it a perfect material for bathrooms. Microcement can be used on all surfaces such as floors, walls, bathtubs and sinks. Whether you are looking for a quiet harmonious surface or a rougher concrete feel, we can create your dream bathroom using different types of micro cement and application techniques.

If you want to renovate an older tiled bathroom with microcement, you do not have to tear out the existing bathroom if the sealing layer is intact. Instead, we can apply the microcement on top of the tiles and then avoid a lot of extra work and expenses.

Microcement on floors and walls

Our most popular microcement for floors is microdeck. Its medium-sized grains gives a raw and natural concrete feel and also makes the surface non-slip which is perfect for example a bathroom floor. The wear resistance and the scratch protection are very good on microdeck, this makes it suitable for other floors as well.

With microcement, you can create large surfaces without joints that are easy to clean and maintain. Microdeck is a great fit in public environments such as shops, restaurants and other places with high traffic. When you have a finished microcement floor you can apply a new surface layer to get a new and fresh floor or even change colour if you wish.

On the walls, the possibilities of microcement are endless. You can choose color, texture and pattern according to your own style. Whether you are looking for an effective fond wall or a harmonious whole, we can create a unique, bespoke surface.


Microcement comes in any color you want. Topciment already has a large selection of colors and based on a color sample, we can also create exactly the color you want.


MATE (matt):  It gives a very natural appearance to the coating, which lightly softens the colour tone.

SATINADO (satin): Gives a modern look and is our most popular finnish.

BRILLO (gloss): Brightens and enhances the colour, giving a marble-like effect.


Oxidation in decorative finishes refers to a process whereby metal particles such as steel or copper are added to the materials and then an activator is introduced to achieve a rust-like effect. If you are looking for something modern and stylish then you should consider oxidation.The oxidation technique creates a distinctive urban look. We can also create other effects using metallic paint or glaze in copper, steel, gold, silver and brass.